Beauty Gain without Pain

Its no secret that many beauty treatments can be painful.  We can easily get apprehensive about that pain but we are also concerned about how well the procedure will go, how our skin will respond during the procedure and we all want a speedy recovery.

Greencaine was specially formulated to address all of these concerns, not only relieving pain but  easing things every step of the way.

Microblading, laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis, getting a tattoo and many other treatments can be painful or not, depending upon the knowledge and skill of the professionals and the tools they have for their work.

Smart professionals rely on Greencaine’s more comprehensive formulation that not only provides proper local anesthetic, but to deliver it quickly through natural oils that are known to enhance the skin’s absorption rates and it remains clear to see the skin at all times.

Greencaine’s clear (translucent) gel form keeps it out of sight visually (unlike creams) which allows for more precise and accurate procedures.

Its natural emollients soften and relax the skin which eases things for everyone.

The formula also assists at avoiding infection and other bad reactions to change, and finally it helps to speed the skin’s recovery and healing through the natural properties of aloe vera to provide vitamins, minerals together with jojoba oil to soothe the skin and ameliorate or avoid overreaction by the body’s defense mechanisms so as to lessen the its tendency toward inflammation, redness, and swelling.


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