[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] A[/dropcap]lma Labs offers wholesale pricing to electrologists, laser hair removal technicians, medical doctors and other professionals who want to offer the best topical anesthetic gel to their patients or clients.

Greencaine® is an excellent product for the professional practice and for resale.

Other professionals are also entitled to these discounts: beauty spas, licensed cosmetologists, laser hair removal technicians, electrologists, permanent makeup artists, tattoo & tattoo removal specialists and related business.

Please submit the application below to be considered for wholesale prices discounts.

Also, due to countless requests, we have decided to do drop-shipping for select resellers. Use the same application if you are interested in becoming a Greencaine Reseller.

USA applications are quickly validated during business hours, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Applications submitted outside business hours might be placed on hold until the following business day.

Greencaine® Wholesale Price Application


For further information please call Toll Free (888) 306 6933 from US or Canada or email email us.


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