Greencaine® topical anesthetic for tattoo and laser hair removal procedures.

Greencaine® is a topical anesthetic clear gel that contains lidocaine, an ingredient that has a highly effective numbing effect on the skin. The gel inhibits the pain caused by minor skin irritations, minor burns, minor cuts and insect bites.

Greencaine’s anesthesia provides the maximum comfort level for a wide variety of beauty treatments and is proven to be more effective than Emla Numbing Cream for Tattoo, Electrolysis, Piercing, Brazilian Waxing at European Wax Centers – treatments with Tria & Dermaroller and Laser Hair Removal.

Greencaine® topical anesthetic is a non-oily, translucent gel containing lidocaine 4%, in a microemulsion drug delivery system, skin permeation enhancers, soothing agents and natural aloe vera leaf juice.

Countless hours of research have been put forth to bring you the most effective topical anesthetic available over the counter (OTC, no prescription needed) MADE IN USA.


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