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[quote type=”center”] I bought this to use with my Tria hair removal laser for a facial hair issue. I put it on about an hour, then applied a thin second coat for about another 20 minutes.

Works great! I can now tolerate level 4 even on my upper lip and right underneath my chin, and many areas (cheeks, sides of chin, upper throat) are totally pain-free. I didn’t expect to be pain-free in any area because my hair is very dark and dense, but was pleasantly surprised.

The gel dries into a thin film which you can then use the laser directly over; no need to tissue off before starting the treatment. Wipes off easily with just water.

It’s minimally packaged in a sturdy bottle with a childproof cap, and getting four ounces for the price means you can actually use -enough- gel for the treatment.[/quote]

[quote type=”center”] I have reordered this several times. It is the most cost effective strong numbing gel (4%) I’ve found, and healthier than any other I’ve found. I say gel, because it is aloe vera based, is clear, and soaks in without leaving a residue like other numbing creams I’ve used. Other than lidocaine, it is mostly soothing aloe gel. I use it for home laser treatments (Tria) and also for aggressive needling (1.0 and 1.5mm derma rollers) in treating old stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles. I apply it credit-card-thick on any area I want to treat, cover the application area with clear plastic wrap and wait for about 1 hour. Then off comes the plastic wrap and I can get to work. For me, the numbing lasts full strength for about 1 hour after the plastic wrap is removed, then begins to slowly fade until it is gone a few hours later. Feels weird, but is very effective.

I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I have read from others that if you are going to numb the skin before getting a tattoo, it is important to use a lidocaine GEL (vs. creams), as the oils in the creams can make the ink run into unwanted areas. Just thought I’d share – you never know who it could help.[/quote]

[quote type=”center”] This stuff is great. I ordered some other stuff in a small little sqeeze tube that barely made a difference. I decided to try this after reading feedback from another customer. It works really well. I’m using it so I can use my Dermaroller on my face so I really REALLY didn’t want to feel anything…big pain baby. It doesn’t take all the pain away but I don’t have a problem running the wheel full of needles over my face now. I’ve used this twice and I’ve found it is better to wait about a half hour before using your Dermaroller. I ordered a 1.0 Dermaroller in case you were wondering.[/quote]

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